A Changed Perspective on 2022?

Jenna Zeng
2 min readDec 31, 2022


A raw conversation between me and my business coach.

That’s almost a wrap!

Put a bow on it because 2022 is on it’s way out and you did great this year.

Seriously. Running a business is damn fun and damn hard.

I’m sitting here congratulating you because if you’re anything like 98% of people, you wish that maybe you did a little more, or maybe you’re looking back thinking that you’d be further ahead.

Same here. So here’s a real life conversation that I had with my business coach that I hope will help you as much as it did me.

Jenna: I just wish I had more time to accomplish some goals and hit certain targets.

Coach: OK, but that’s not an option is it? Are you proud of the work you did accomplish?

Jenna: Well, yeah, of course. But it still doesn’t fix the issue of not being successful in certain areas.

Coach: Hold on now — now you’re saying you don’t feel successful if you don’t check off all of the items on goal/ target list.

Jenna: A little. I feel like I should have done more or strategized better. I honestly don’t know.

Coach: Let me ask you this: were you 1% better everyday?

Jenna: (long pause) I genuinely do think I was, and even more than that on some days. I’ve never been more focused, intentional and strategic in my business than 2022.

Coach: Consistency breeds success; so, if we’re going by this definition here, your year my dear was in fact a success.

Think about it — if that 1% is compounding over time what do you think will happen long term? Will you reach those goals?

Jenna: You’re right.

Coach: I know.

She gets me every time! This was a super raw and hard conversation initially, but with this small tweak in perspective my whole view of 2022 changed in an instant.

I hope in sharing this with you that you’ll be able to choose to see how much you have done and how far you’ve come. The goal? 1% better everyday.

Wishing you a very happy holiday! 🎄

Much love & joy!


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